Spring has sprung

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Today was one of those days when I wish I had someone to hang out with, but then there was literally no one I actually wanted to hang out with.

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Today I signed the lease to my very own apartment! The only roommate I’ll have is Trixie.

It’s adorable. It has pointed ceilings and skylights, the cutest yellow kitchen, and a window seat in the bedroom ^~^

And I’m getting on an actual phone plan by myself next week and not too long after that, the gym I just signed up for will open!

Gah, I feel so productive.

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Throw back to the last day of winter. Aka, yesterday. Happy first day of spring!

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Jokingly said “I’m just gonna eat ice cream until I fall asleep.”

But then… I actually ate half a pint of Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream.


And yet still with the cramping.

Being social on the internet with complete strangers for over an hour and having to be the one to supply the whole conversation is exhausting.

I can’t wait to get better at it though, this will help me out so much financially and just all around smooth my edges.

I’m excited ^-^

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