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Exhaling a breath that she’s kept to herself all day,

wishing she could have spent her day off alone.

Kicking herself for making excuses not to go back to the gym.

She missed the adrenaline and her body some how missed the ache.

She still has a bit of the muscle that she gained three months ago.

But none of the nerve she had learn to keep over the last twenty one years.

She supposed she hasn’t been able to stand much lately.

Not without the urgent feeling to dig her fingernails into the palm of her hands.


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Obligatory hostess selfie.

Dude, I’ve been suffering from sleep paralysis for years and I didn’t even know that it was a real thing.

Like, it first happened when I was sixteen and back then I thought it was poltergeist related. And then as I got older I chalked it up as panic attacks.

But omgsh, I am so so so relieved to know that it’s a real thing and that I wasn’t crazy.

Now I know what causes and how to battle it. I’m going to turn it around into lucid dreaming >:3 I’m so pumped.

Ahhh. At least there’s one thing off my back.

My hands hurt ‘cause I’ve been
cutting moons. But I’m still trying
to make something beautiful out of
all this space.

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