I did a big no-no as bartender tonight. I fucked up and gave some guy my number. I’d seen him a lot and he always end up telling me cool stories, so I guess I saw him as a friendly figure. But after I gave him my number, and told him I had a boyfriend… he changed a bit. Got a bit… darker? Idk. I’m afraid he followed me home. He texted me, and I responded the best I could (I’m afraid if I ignore him, he’ll get shitty with me at the bar tomorrow.) But he didn’t respond. And that has me more freaked out.
I guess, if I end up getting murdered, it was by a dude named Matt.

hope I’m good tho. Tumblr has been real.



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If I ever get a job were I make a comfortable amount of money, the first thing on my list to buy is the entire Squid Girl vinyl figurine collection.

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Pink, leather, and tea. Perfect and gloomy.

Jackie did a thing to my hair.

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I got fired from my first job that I had for three years on Tuesday.

It was crazy.

Nail polish and hair dye can get a girl into one helluva storm.

The first thing I did was drive home, crying, took a shower, more crying, and then I put a shit ton of dark make up on to tell myself and others that I wasn’t fucking around. I didn’t want to just sit around and feel bad for myself, so I put on my favorite tights and my new Cardigan and went out job hunting.

I not only got a call back, but I got interviewed, and hired in less than four hours after getting fired!. 

From barista to bartender, y’all.

Still doesn’t feel real.

And I put in an application at this little local coffee shop today and got called back within the hour!

So, I start my first night bar tending tomorrow, and I have an interview to be a barista a little before that.

I’m so happy.

But so much shit in just a few days. I’m so nervous and anxious. There’s so many new people I have to meet and so many things I have to learn quickly.

Cross your fingers for me!!


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